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DryDry Original Dab-on 35ml


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Stay dry, fresh and comfortable all day long with DryDry Original Dab-on. It’s a powerful antiperspirant specially formulated with aluminium chloride, which is clinically proven to prevent perspiration and unpleasant body odours for up to seven days. It can be applied to your hands, feet and underarms. Whether you suffer from excessive sweats or are a basketball player who wants to avoid sweaty grip, it’s the perfect antiperspirant for you.

The Benefits:

  • Extra effective: The DryDry Original Dab-on is more effective than deodorant as it addresses the root cause of sweat instead of merely covering the unpleasant odour.
  • Long-lasting: This product offers optimal effects for up to seven days.
  • Infrequent application: Most users enjoy the long-lasting effects with one or two applications per week. So a full bottle can last around three to five months.
  • Clinically proven: The key ingredient is safe to use and has a high efficacy rate in controlling perspiration or reducing sweat volume.
  • No fragrance: It contains no perfume, dyes or preservatives.
  • No more sweat stains: You can save your sensitive clothes from being damaged due to constant contact with sweat—or the mix of sweat and deodorant.
  • Multi-application: You can apply the DryDry Original Dab-on to your underarms, feet or palms of hands.

DRYDRY How to use



Clean and thoroughly dry the skin before applying the product. Suitable for unbroken skins on underarms, palms, and feet.



Remove the orange cover, push the applicator into the neck of the bottle, screw the white cap until it stops.



Apply the product and let it dry for 3-5 minutes. Application is ideally done in the evening or in a situation where you won't get your skin wet again for another 12 hours.



Wash off with water in the morning. If you suffer from excessive sweating apply 2 days in a row to achieve maximum effect. No restrictions on use.